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Teacher Resources

Lessons for Educators

  1. The Busy Teacher’s Website

  2. Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

  3. A to Z Teacher Stuff

  4. Teachers.Net Lesson Bank

  5. Education World Lessons 

  6. The Educator’s Reference Desk

  7. Thinkfinity Resources

    NWEA Resources

  1. Kid Friendly Standards

  2. Student Score Sheet for Reading, Math, and Language

  3. NWEA MAPS Norms Sheet

  4. Directions for Accessing Reports

  5. Student Report Sample

  6. MAP Student PowerPoint Presentation

    -MAP Resource for test practice

  1. Emergency Phone Numbers
Click here to see these numbers

iPod Cart Check Out 
Please take the survey below for the perspective equipment so that equipment is properly managed.
-Please click here for the iPod survey.
-Click  here for iPod Cart1 Calendar availability
-Click here for iPod Cart2 Calendar availability


Other Resource Links

Teacher Tools

  1. Word Search Maker

  2. Handwriting Worksheet Generator

  3. Word Shapes Worksheets

  4. Bingo Card Maker

  5. Rubric Maker

  6. Free Wiki Site

  7. MediaMax Website for free storage

  8. GCast for Recording your Students

  9. LearningPage.com Worksheets

  10. Puzzlemaker

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    and Farr Schedules are below

    2011/2012 Instructional Schedule

    *State Mandated Powerpoints*
    Please make sure you view these and sign the last page in the PowerPoint.  The Links are in the middle of the page.

    -Please click here for the HR page with the PowerPoints.